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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Benefit For All !!

Benetint (sold) & High Beam (only 4 left) Samples 2.5ml/2.5g

RM20 each !!!!

Benefit To Go : Posietint, Somekind of gorgeous, high beam, that gal
RM90 (RP:119)

Benefit Powderflage
RM103 (RP: RM126)
#It minimises fine lines and really brightened up under eye area. 
B Spot  RM108 (RP: RM152)
Size: 50 mL
A fruity floral fragrance that is a sensual combo of lush mango, peony, sandalwood and amber. Spray on to awaken your most seductive pulse points!
what else you need to know
Packaged with our body map so you can find your "b spot."

Benefit Pocket - Pal 
RM68 (RP: RM89) 

Benefit Sheer Cream Blusher in Shh.. Hush.. and Ooh..

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