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Monday, October 17, 2011

Ralph Lauren Summer Romance 2011

Ralph Lauren Summer Romance:

New Summer Romance by Ralph Lauren is a new floral fruity perfume and the best addition to the Romance collection developed by the guru of fragrance Harry Fremont. This perfume introduced in 2010 with key notes of passion fruit, hibiscus and tiare flowers with sensual apricot musk and definitely can make you fall in love with it.

The summer wind came blowing in from across the sea……….

I can’t help but think of Sinatra as the warm days of Summer approach, honestly they can’t come fast enough for me. How about you? Looking forward to Summer? Honestly, I love Fall and Winter but after such a long, cold one I think I’m about ready for some fun in the sun!

Anyone a fan of Romance by Ralph Lauren? I used to wear it quite a bit way back when but haven’t touched it in a while.

If you happen to love it you’ll be quite excited to hear Summer Romance by Ralph Lauren is the latest release in the Ralph Lauren Romance Collection.

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