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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

GroupsMore - Life Should Be Exciting

"Life shouldn't need to be boring."

So here are my ideas in breaking down boring life. Once in a while, I make time for myself to be juggling between spa, spree and play time. First some serious spa time: facial, massage, waxing, mani, pedi and hair-highlights. Then some serious spree time with family, friends and muah. And then for exhilarating play time, I've got a long list for outdoor activities, off to park, joining tango classes or movies to attend to. 

What I really only need is time to spare.

As those list above are to be expensive, I have ways to endure. But here is one of the escape. I've once go through my friend's Facebook profile when i found this cool yet witty website -> she's promoting.

What Is Group$More?:
Like non any other but part of the Groupon family. If you familiar with YouthSays,
GroupsMore is one of em.

The Claim:
Group$More is a movement of young Malaysians who believe that life should be exciting. And the best way to achieve that is to try something new & exciting every week.

Who Is it For: 
Anyone who looking for escapade from their crappy days.
You should not come alone. You can bring your friends, family and muah, provided they need to have their own voucher

The Verdict:
Can't you read? Group$More offer up to 90% discount of any luxury stuff you ever dream of.
Here are some peek that you still not yet miss:

I'm happy to share to all of you this. Do you? 
Nevertheless, here's a big cheers to your spa, spree and playtime!!


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  1. Hi there! I'm the deal writer at GroupsMore. We're really flattered to have this space on your blog :D

    And really happy we've been able to help you try out exciting stuff!