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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Color Your Hair Naturally with Henna

Your age are not yet exceed quarter century but you already grow gray strands? Don't freak out. We have solutions for your nightmare.

I use to see my mum wear this powdery stuff that mix with water to make the dark color poop like paste to put on her grays. She bought this powder at Maidin Mart near to our house. Well, this powder called Henna Powder.

Henna is actually a leaf of a small shrub of an Indian Plant, dries and powdered to use as hair dye. Using Henna is also the Halal way of hair dying because of its natural ingredient and organic properties. Malay called Henna as 'Inai'. So, read how my mum use Henna:

She 1st unpack the packet (the powder is in 2ply of plastic packet, 1 ply of thick paper packet and in a box), then she put in a bowl, pour water to make a paste. Then she apply the smooth paste with the comb to her hair from root to top. Try not missing any strands of hers.

Basically 1 packet of Henna Powder can cover up short hair. So imagine if you have super long thick hair?! Few packets will be needed. On top of that, please aware to wear gloves because you don't want  to color your nails and finger. Remaining paste is also a waste since the coloring efficiency will be reduces.

Then, my mum let the paste color absorb to her hair and completely dry (while wait for the paste to dry, she enjoying her Sudoku or watching her fav series of Desperate Housewives). You may want to use a shower cap if you have a long hair to avoid color transfer to your cloth, towel whatsoever. After quite a while, she wash her hair with water and shampoo until rinsing water become clear and entirely colorless. Than pat dry hair with towel. Caution! if you not rinse your hair thoroughly, you may leave a 'map' at your towel.

But the result, WALLA!! Pretty black with brilliant shine hair you ever imagine. Beside coloring hair, Henna can also make our head feel light and cool for a while. Good for easing migraine and headache.


Introducing Natural Henna Ion Color Shampoo

So I'm turning 25 and notice of few strand of gray hairs and I start to curse my ancestor for the inheritance. But thanks to Natural Henna Ion Color Shampoo that i don't need to do the tedious job or spending my wise money on salon to cover only a few.

So here's how Natural henna Ion Color Shampoo works. "USE LIKE YOU ARE USING YOUR SHAMPOO". That's effortless. For extra shine and manageable hair, use Natural Henna Ion Color Conditioner afterward. Use Natural Henna Ion Color Shampoo as many time as you wish your hair color intensity needed.

Shampoo(300ml) and Conditioner(300ml) Available in BLACK and BROWN at RM70 each. Buy both for RM115.

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