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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger Loud For Him and Her

Loud For Him
Loud For Her
Tommy Hilfiger LOUD

Perfume designer in the house Yann Vasnier and Aurelian Guichard, has introduced new editions Tommy Hilfiger Loud fragrant duo on October.It is fresh and sexy and is considered as a youthful fragrance.Loud for him is indeed loud,heady,strong, with a very present patchouli note while loud for her features a blends of rose,lychee and patchouli notes.For her,the rose overpower the other notes suitable those who love roses scents.Not just the scents , the bottles is so cool looks like LP's or vinyl record.The bottles is in pink for her and black for him and are designed in round shape with LOUD logo that is amplified against back of fragrance bottles as their main theme , music.It comes in three sizes 25ml,40ml and 75ml.


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