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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Paul Smith Rose EDT 100ml

Paul Smith Rose EDT 100ml

Paul Smith Rose EDT 100ml

Paul Smith Rose,a lovely rose scented perfume in a funky box, by Paul Smith.
I love very feminine perfumes and one of my favourite fragrances is Paul Smith's 'Rose' perfume. The first thing that originally attracted me to the fragrance was the box, which is a cool mix of vintage rose design and harsh black modern writing. I thought the box was very retro and snazzy and so thought I'd give the perfume itself a chance.

The perfume itself is a girly pale pink colour and comes in quite an understated bottle, which is good as I think a busier bottle, combined with the busy bottle and drawstring pouch would have been an overkill.

As the name suggests, the main fragrance note that's apparent when I first spray this onto my skin is a delicate, fresh and feminine rose scent, which is gorgeous to my nose! It is not old fashioned in the slightest, and I love the opening and main parts of the scent where rose is the strongest.

The whole fragrance lasted about 5-6 hours on my skin, which wasn't bad at all considering how gorgeous the smell is. I can recommend this sweet smelling, rose-tastic perfume for lovers of rose scents and those who favour florals.

The packaging was designed by Alan Aboud.

The Eau de Toilette launches in April 2011 and only avaiable for 100 ml.

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