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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kenzo Once Upon A Time 100ml EDT

Once upon a time new perfume by Kenzo
Kenzo Once Upon A Time 100ml EDT

Once Upon A Time is the name of collection from Kenzo and
was launched autumn in 2010.The Kenzo spirit that is classic
and ethnic radiates truely oriental.The inspiration for this
Kenzo design are form coloful pattern , bohemian hippie chic,
and materials.

This is surely explosion of floral notes of pegony and freesia,
sandalwood and musk.All this is description of Kenzo Pour
Femme Once Upeon A Time.The bottles is printed in bright
pink and light blue as well as the boxes.

Japanese designer Kenzo Takada , said the label has known
worldwide after Kenzo celebrates the 40th anniversary last year.
The collection only avaiable in 100ml EDT as limited edition.

This is a soft and warm scent, almost cozy in a way..
nothing sharp or intense about it at all..refreshing in that
it remains through the drydown pretty and warm! like a romantic tale
it is quite enchanting. It isnt a sexy or seductive scent, it doesnt
stand out, but on a warm day it just smells great!


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