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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Amaree Hot Pot - Thai Style Hot Pot

Hey Ho!!
Have i ever mention to you previously that I'm such a die-hard-fan of
Eh no?
Then you should check here:

I'm regret not to discover GroupsMore earlier.

But now here I am whoring over GroupsMore vouchers.
Why NOT? Life is short right ??.

Ive been enthusiast to use my 1st bought voucher of
which offer: 

I did a reservation a day before i intend to come.
So when i enter the restaurant, i can spot my name on the table at the one corner of the restaurant.
What a cool service they have. And the waiter is polite to.
(And i do feel like a duchess of a duke)

If you fancy thai-inspired cuisine, this place is for you.
What we have for the day is a classic combo of steamboat that can feed up to 3 people.
So, if you come with a friend (read 'A FRIEND', no s), you'll be extremely bloated.
Don't eat alone unless you want to die bloated alone. *chuckles*

(pic credit to GroupsMore)

A platter that consist of  
white prawns, squids, crab sticks, seaweed rolls, seafood balls, fish fillets,
chicken fillets, Australian rib eye, glass noodles and vegetables.

(my pic: can you spot the different? ;) )

The utensils use are all shining and squeaky clean.
I have a faith in using them. :p

So here is the decent waiter i talk about earlier.
If you don't want to steam yourself with the heat, he's there for you. :p
(Don't worry, you pay for the service)

Thai dipping sauce made from a blend of chilli, lime and coriander leaves
that make me squint my eyes as the taste kicks. Even my friend ask for more.

So, here is the deal. Its does'nt come with beverage for us to wash our meal down with.
Thus, we simply ordered for

Cool Cappuccino for me

Pink Panther for a friend.

We sat and eat for almost two hours. Its really a restaurant to try for.

Curious for a taste?

For more info, visit:

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